If We Were Having Coffee… 3/3/19


On our coffee date today, we are once again dealing with cold weather and snow. I know, winter just doesn’t seem to know when to let go this year. We can also have a slice of cake with our hot beverages today because… today is my birthday! It has been a great day for me. I’ve stayed inside out of the snow and watched spring training baseball (oh, how I wish I was in sunny, warm Jupiter, Florida!) and Netflix. An introvert’s dream!

We went out (as a family) last night for dinner for my birthday. I had an awesome steak. My kids actually got along for a few hours. We listened to 80s music in the car. I sang. Loud. The kids looked at me like I had three heads but I think they secretly enjoyed it. They gave me a ginormous bag of Cadbury mini-eggs as a gift. Best gift ever.

We’ve had a busy few weeks. Our ski trip to Wisconsin was successful and so much fun. My younger daughter tried skiing – I am so proud of her – but ultimately opted to spend her weekend tubing. She had a blast. My older daughter has become quite a skilled skier. She took on the most advanced slope and didn’t fall once. She also met a cute boy on the slopes and spent the ride home messaging him. Teenage parenting, y’all… it’s not for the faint of heart.

Since we’ve been home, it has been a blur of girl scout cookie sales, illness, and school snow days. Now that we are officially in March, I’m hoping the weather settles. We’ve had way more snow and freezing rain than we are used to.

Catch me up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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If We Were Having Coffee…2/10/19


Welcome, friend! Our coffee date again finds us battling a cold, blustery morning. The roads were pretty icy this morning, my husband barely made it home from the night shift. Come in and let’s grab a warm beverage!

Our temps continue to bounce between 40’s and 50’s (F) and subarctic. Everyone has upper respiratory junkiness and I’m convinced the yo-yo weather is a big factor in that. We got an awful dose of freezing rain last night, though the temps should climb above freezing today and melt it away. It’s an all-too-familiar scenario, happening over and over the last couple of weeks. To say that I am OVER this winter is an understatement.

Our refrigerator died this week. It started with the freezer (we have a side-by-side). We noticed things weren’t quite frozen. But the refrigerator side seemed okay. So we bought a new one (and that was quite the unexpected expense!) and didn’t worry too much when the store told us it wouldn’t be delivered until this coming Wednesday. We’ll be okay for a week, we thought. Well, that very night the refrigerator side went out also (and yes my husband tinkered around with it to try and fix it, to no avail). Luckily, we aren’t home much and my parents down the street have a spare that we can use for essentials. But we still are going to have to throw out and replace a lot of food.  And of course, the new fridge is coming the day before we leave for our ski trip. Like I need anything else to stress about during an already-busy week!

In preparation for the ski trip, we put new tires on my car on Friday. One of my old tires had a little warp so it made this annoying noise. The new tires are fabulous and the car rides so quietly now. You know you are firmly in adulthood when things like new tires bring you so much joy!

My kids are super excited for the ski trip to Wisconsin. My older daughter has been there before. This will be the first time for my younger one. She has been talking non-stop about it for weeks. She’s been trying on her new gear (thank you, Amazon!) every night. I’m excited for her. We are taking a total of ten girls… eight high school Freshmen and two middle-schoolers. Wish me luck!

Before I run off to do laundry and check things off my pre-trip to-do list, tell me all about your week…

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If We Were Having Coffee… 1/27/19


If we were having coffee on a lazy Sunday… I’d be a day late. I  know, it is Monday. I thought I would jump in for a quick cup, though.

This past weekend was snow-free (well, just a few light flurries), thank goodness. The two previous weekends saw accumulating snow, of which I am not a fan. We are supposed to get this Polar Vortex (or some such nonsense) this week, plunging us into the subzero temps… and that is all anyone is talking about.

We finally got our Christmas tree down this past weekend! I’ve been meaning to get around to it for a while but then I would procrastinate because it is a lot of work. And it was work getting the big bulbs replaced with plastic fillers, unplugging the sections, taking the sections apart, and cramming all sections back into the box. How come nothing ever goes back into the box they way it came out?? Anyway, it is done. And the furniture is back in place. Holidays are officially over.

I finally finished the first season of You on Netflix. *Shudder* So creepy.

I fantasized all weekend about buying a new house. See, there’s this house in my town that I really love. We actually looked at it when we were house-hunting seven years ago but bought our current house instead. Current house needs some work, and husband and I are in the process of looking at equity loans to do some remodeling. Well, dream home recently went up for sale again. And dream home is SO NICE, totally updated and modern and wonderful. Why not just buy it since it is move-in ready? Why bother hassling with loans and remodels? My husband talked me down from fantasy land, of course. Moving is really not in our best interest right now. But it is nice to dream.

My daughter is eligible for her driver’s permit in one month. Yikes. I really need to get to the DMV to get her a study book so she can pass the exam. Except getting to the DMV with my schedule is nearly impossible. Maybe I should send husband. Or maybe the book is online. Even better because if she can’t view it on her phone she probably won’t look at it. I’m kidding. Sort of.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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If We Were Having Coffee… 1/20/19


If we were having coffee I would invite you in quickly, to get you out of the cold. Snow and blustery winds have made this a good weekend to stay in with a warm beverage. This snow storm was a bit unexpected, it was supposed to track further north and spare us. Instead we got about 6 inches of snow and way more sleet and ice than I am comfortable with. My kids are loving it. I am staying inside where it is warm and I have everything I need (phone, laptop, netflix, treadmill).

If we were having coffee we would have much to talk about. It has been awhile since we’ve seen each other! I’ve not been keeping up with my coffee dates, so sorry. We would chat about work and the kids. It is funny how so much time can pass but the conversations feel the same.

If we were having coffee I would tell you how I am so thankful for this 3 day weekend. There is no work tomorrow because of MLK Jr. day. It is such a relief that I have an extra day to relax. And to give the crews time to make the roads safe to travel.  The peace of mind I have knowing I do not have to drive tomorrow is huge.

If we were having coffee I would also tell you that my favorite season is upon us… cadbury mini egg season! They are in the stores! Our stores still have the disappointing tiny bags but I know the big bags are coming soon. Cadbury came out with these new shimmer eggs. Pretty, but they taste exactly the same (which is awesome, of course). Dear Cadbury people, work on having mini eggs on the shelf year-round rather than introducing these new gimmicks.


Until our next coffee date, I leave you with a picture of my younger daughter whole-heartedly enjoying her snow day. She is going to kill it on the slopes next month.


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If We Were Having Coffee… 1/7/18



Forgive me dear readers and coffee friends, for I have sinned… it has been two months since my last blog post and three months since my last coffee share…

I have really missed you all! I’ve been taking a little break. It has been partly due to being busy. I mean, I’m always busy. We’re all busy, right? The holidays are a gigantic time suck. The break has also been partly self-imposed. Sometimes I just need the time and space to figuratively clean house and reevaluate things. I’m really glad to join you for coffee so that we can catch up.

Our family had a great Thanksgiving holiday. My brother-in-law and his wife and kids came to visit from South Carolina. It is always nice to spend time with them. Brother-in-law did some work around the house (my front door, refrigerator ice/water dispenser, and dishwasher are now in working order!). He also made some amazing food (he has culinary school training). Our kids also got to spend time together. All of my kids’ cousins live in South Carolina, so cousin time is limited and therefore very precious.

Our Christmas and New Year’s holidays were perfect: quiet, laid-back, and spent with close family. My kids got their wish-lists (mostly) filled and I was able to rest and relax. I think I overindulged on food a bit and now I need to get back on track with my exercise regimen (or, you know, establish an exercise regimen. Let’s be honest).

I was able to finish my board recertification the last week of November… a whole month early! I am now good for 5 years.

For my daily commute, I have immersed myself in the world of podcasts. I am obsessed with The Moth, which has re-ignited my love for storytelling.

Easter is three months away and Cadbury mini-eggs have hit the shelves. That means that I have already purchased (and eaten) some. I’m not sure my waistline can stand 3+ months of this chocolately goodness, but I am enjoying them! In other news, pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in a little over 5 weeks. I can’t wait for spring!

NFL fans, how are playoffs going for you? Is your team still in it?

Off to read and catch up on everyone’s posts…

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If We Were Having Coffee on the First Day of October…


Hello, October! It is nice to see you, my friend.

I adore October. It is my favorite month. My wedding anniversary is in October. I look forward to colorful leaves, falling leaves, crisp air, sweaters, jackets, boots, fire pits, hot chocolate, pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, homecomings… so much fun stuff in October.

Next weekend is our camping trip with the girl scouts. This will be our biggest group yet with about 20 girls and 11 moms. It is a busy weekend with horseback riding, activities, games, dutch oven cooking, and cleanup. But there is also much time for relaxing around the campfire and enjoying nature. I’m hoping to see some beautiful colors next weekend!

My St. Louis Cardinals’ season is officially over. No postseason play for us this year. It was a roller coaster season. We did keep the Milwaukee Brewers from making the playoffs so there’s that. Now I’m just looking forward to spring training.

Who is gearing up for NaNoWriMo next month? I have never participated and doubt I have the time but I flirt with the idea every year.

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If We Were Having Coffee… 8/20/17


Welcome! Come in, come in. It’s been a few weeks. August gets a bit hectic in my neck of the woods.

We were able to have a great family vacation. We went to St. Augustine, Florida. Our hotel was just a ten minute walk to the beach, so we had daily beach time. This was peaceful, healing, and much-needed. St. Augustine is the oldest settlement in the US and the town has a lot to offer as well. We went to the Castillo de San Marcos monument and the Cathedral Basilica. There was also a lot of shopping. My kids loved the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum. Here are a few pics:


Two days after we returned home, school started. My girls are in eighth grade and fourth grade. They like their teachers and schedules. So far, so good. I’m glad they are back in school, though I’m not ready for the busy routine of homework and extracurriculars.

We are eagerly awaiting the solar eclipse tomorrow. Our town is in the direct path and we will have two and a half minutes of totality. Out-of-staters are coming in to view it as well. School was cancelled so we will be able to view it as a family together.

Catch me up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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If We Were Having Coffee… 7/31/17


I know, I know. The weekend is over. Believe me, I’m well aware that it is Monday. I had planned to meet up with you yesterday but it just didn’t happen. I was pleased to see that the linkup was still open (thanks, Diana!) so I thought we could grab a quick cup.

We had a good weekend! My daughter elected to forgo a big birthday party this year in lieu of a sleepover with one friend. So we picked up that friend on Saturday and we went to a bouncy house place and the mall. I know a lot of malls are dying out (and so is ours to be honest) but we found a couple of fun things to do there. The kids did a bouncy trampoline thing (where they connect you to a bunch of big rubber bands and let you jump) and they also rode motorized animal scooters (they are basically giant stuffed animals on wheels). Then we came back to our house for the sleepover.

So it seems I didn’t get much done this weekend. At least, I didn’t get much done that I wanted to. I did a lot of house cleaning on Saturday which led to back pain. I tended to the kids which kept me somewhat busy. Sunday I basically succumbed to headache and back pain instead of being productive. It was disappointing and I hate when I have days like that.

I am waiting for the body shop to call me about my car. It should be ready today. My rental car is nice, but I am ready to give it back and get my own car back. I have missed it!

I am also trying to plan our quick before-school-starts vacation. We are going to South Carolina to visit family (my in-laws) but we also want to take a side trip to the beach. Of course, my husband’s family makes it hard to make plans (which is typical for them). We leave on August 8, so I want to get plans finalized.

Catch me up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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If We Were Having Coffee… 7/23/17


Welcome! Come on in out of the heat. It is not even 10am and it is already eleventy billion degrees. We have had an oppressive heat wave here in the Midwest this week. In St. Louis we hit a record high yesterday (or maybe it was Friday? The hot days melt together in my brain) with an air temp of 108. And we have high humidity so it felt higher than 108. You can take several showers a day and still feel like a sweaty mess.

Given the heat, you may want to skip the coffee in favor of a cooler drink. We also have leftover birthday cake from my daughter’s celebration yesterday. She is 9 years old. It is hard to believe. I know it is cliché, but time really does fly, especially with parenthood. Her actual birthday was Tuesday and we had a small celebration that day. But since I had to work that day, we delayed the big cake/ice cream/presents party until yesterday.  She wore a couple of her presents all day (new leotard and tights and a hello kitty backpack). I also gave her some cash so we will probably hit some stores today.

We were in a minor car accident last weekend. Thankfully, minor is the key word. No one was injured and my car is driveable. There is damage, however, and since we were not at fault I have been dealing with the other driver’s insurance company. We are finally moving forward and I will drop my car off for repairs on Wednesday and pick up my rental car. My driver’s door is messed up and it makes a loud pop sound when I open it so I will be very happy to get that fixed.

Tomorrow is our go-live date for our new software system at work. We are ill-prepared and I expect tomorrow to be a complete dumpster fire. I have two meetings this week (one at 7am and one at 4:30pm), neither of which I really want to attend. I will be arriving late on Wednesday after dropping off my car. And I am leaving early on Thursday to go to my older daughter’s middle school orientation. My coworker is also on vacation. Overall, I think it will be one of those “praying for Friday” kind of workweeks.

I have been improving with my running in both speed and distance. I have to keep a close eye on my back and the pain has been status quo (but not worse, which is good). I think the running hurts my hips more than my back anyway. As long as I don’t see a significant increase in joint pain, I keep going.

Catch me up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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If We Were Having Coffee… 7/8/17


Welcome, coffee friends! Look at me having coffee on Saturday (I’m usually a late Sunday person). I’m glad we could meet again. It is ridiculously hot today, so we may want to choose cooler beverages. We will definitely be staying inside in the A/C.

It has been a relatively quiet week at my house. I enjoyed an extra day off for the Fourth of July. We watched the fireworks display at our local park but otherwise had a restful holiday. I also worked a half day Thursday and had the day off Friday. Yay for short workweeks! Thursday I took my daughter to the doctor for school-required vaccinations prior to entering 8th grade. Eighth grade. It is hard to believe. Where does the time go? And my baby is entering 4th grade! It will be her last year of elementary school.

My days off went well because now I have a coworker than can handle things in my absence. I cannot adequately describe the peace of mind that gives me. I did answer several emails from home, but otherwise she could deal with patient results and phone calls and such.

I went for a nice run yesterday on my treadmill. You might remember that I am slowly getting back into running after a lengthy hiatus due to back injury. Yesterday I did well. I did about 20 minutes of running with one 10 minute interval. This may not sound impressive to a seasoned runner but for me it was incredible progress. I even got a pressure bruise on the bottom of my second toe. This happens to me a lot when running.

The TV is currently tuned to Titanic. I enjoy that movie so. Rose is getting rescued out of the water after the ship sinks. Why couldn’t Jack fit on that big slab of wood with her? Poor frozen Jack.

We could talk commiserate about the Cardinals again. It is same old, same old…. bullpen, pitching, field errors, baserunning snafu’s, yada yada yada. We are still below .500. They did win today, though. I love them, but man are they killing me this season.

I participated in Friday Fictioneers this week. Please check out Farewell Fireworks.

So catch me up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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