Early bird

I am not a morning person. Getting up early for work is a challenge every single day. For this reason, mornings are always hectic, rushing to barely get there on time (traffic accidents are my nemesis) or running late (which happens more often that I would like to admit).

Knowing that today would be particularly busy, I grudgingly got up and out the door earlier than usual. It was not easy – torturous actually – but I realized that it made my morning smoother. Traffic was a little lighter and I made better time on my commute. I got to park a whole floor lower in the parking garage. I didn’t have to share the garage elevator with anyone. In my clinic building, there were only three of us on the elevator (rather than being packed in like sardines). My clinic was empty, lights still off. It was nice to be able to get some things done before anyone else was there to interrupt me. I enjoyed this slow, easy start to my clinic day.

Of course, I told myself that I need to leave earlier every morning – make it the rule rather than the exception. Good intentions. I will certainly try.



4 thoughts on “Early bird

  1. I love mornings! Especially when it feels like you’re the only person awake and there is a whole day of possibilities ahead not yet influenced by conversation or demands or expectations from the seemingly sleeping world- well, except the bad habit of checking the 24 hour news cycle and the rude awakening of headlines.

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  2. I have a complex relationship with early. I absolutely love snuggling deep into my blankets on the bed for a few extra minutes, especially when it’s cold out and the bed is oh so warm. However, I actually love the days that I wake up and am productive early in the morning. It’s refreshing and the day just feels like it goes much more smoothly. I’m glad you had a less hectic morning, those are always nice. Hectic mornings always throw my mood off, it’s hard to feel caught up.

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