Casual Fridays 2/6/15

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Casual Fridays is going to be my (hopefully) weekly post and it is just that: casual. It is just a way for me to catch up from the week and chat about whatever is going on in my life. No daily posts, no fiction, no poetry, no structure or stress.  It will probably be pretty random and I’m okay with that.  I hope that you will join in too.  Chat me up in the comments or write your own post with a pingback to this post.  Here we go…

It has been a crazy week here.  I had hoped to get some writing done last weekend but I decided instead to have some much-needed family time with my daughters.  I did get some writing done on a new project, though not as much as I hoped.

When I start a new project, the characters tend to hang out in my head and just take over.  They have definitely been doing that this week.  So maybe this weekend I will get some work done on their story.

My main source of stress this week has been job interviews. There is this job that I really, really want.  I had my first interview last week.  My second interview was Tuesday (2/3) and my third interview is today.  I am SO nervous.  This job would be such a great opportunity for me and my family.  Wish me luck today!

My husband started a new work schedule this week and he gets home much earlier than he used to.  So he is home more.  I love him so of course having him home more is a good thing.  However, our routine runs like a well-oiled machine.  He is throwing off the balance.  I also envisioned that I would have more help around the house and with the kids but in reality he is just spending more time playing World of Warcraft.

The Walking Dead comes back this Sunday! I am super excited about that.  It is my favorite show on TV.  Any other TWD fans out there?

My husband made steak and baked potato for supper and it was awesome.

He ordered a new vacuum and it arrives tomorrow.  It is a little pathetic how excited I am about this.

It was 9 degrees when I drove to work this morning.  NINE.  That is way too cold.

I am getting really tired of all the hype about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. I feel like I’m the only woman on the planet who really couldn’t care less.

OK, friends… let’s hear your random thoughts on this Friday!


10 thoughts on “Casual Fridays 2/6/15

  1. Its hard to image what nine degrees feels like. Here in Australia we are sweltering through a long hot summer. Crank up the air-conditioning I say!!!
    Fifty Shades of Grey – why oh why do the media have to hype movies up so much that we build up a resistance to them before they have even been released. It happens all the time and I think a lot of people are just over it.

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    1. Ah, a sweltering summer sounds so good to me right now! I probably won’t feel that way six months from now, though. Enjoy the a/c!

      I agree with the media hype. They have been hyping this movie since the casting. Feels like forever. It happens with a lot of the blockbuster movies.


    1. I’m sick of it too. Hope Joseph’s stores are ready. Theaters are going to be slammed next weekend!

      I am loving the new vacuum! We vacuumed up a ton of hair and then guess who got on the clean couch? Yep, Rusty. Lol.


      1. Oh I know! They are going to be in the weeds all weekend. It’s looking like the perfect storm too- 50 shade and the kingsmen is looking to be gaining attention and they both release next weekend. Oof!

        Oh Rusty. Pets are so helpful.


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