Casual Fridays 2/13/15

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It’s that time again! Casual Fridays! No structure, no rules, anything goes.

How did Friday come around again so fast? My last post was Casual Friday for LAST WEEK. Ouch. Honestly, I kind of expected that, though. When life blows up, I tend to be MIA around here, sadly.  So, that’s a big fat fail for my writing goals this week. Sad panda. And I am miserably behind in Blogging 201. *sigh*

First things first, my phone interview went okay last week.  Conference calls with multiple people can be a little difficult and awkward, so of course I worried about that.  But overall, I think it went well.  I am waiting to hear what the next step in the process will be.

The word of the week in my house has been: puke.  A stomach virus swept through our house and left no one untouched.  It started with the youngest member last Saturday and hit the rest of us on Monday.  Tuesday was a rest, recooperate and rehydrate day. Wednesday night, the youngest one (remember, where it all started) threw up again. At 1am. All over the bed (and floor and toy box next to the bed). So we are talking 5 days of dealing with puke.  Now, I’ve been a mom for 11 years and I’ve seen some gross things but puke is the absolute worst for me.

Thursday was redemption day for me.  I took a day off work to run a marathon of errands.  It was just me and the two kidlets.  Our agenda included haircuts (all three of us), dropping off tax paperwork, dentist appointments (all three of us), parent-teacher conferences (for both kidlets), pediatrician appointment (for younger kidlet) and a trip to walmart (AKA  the third subbasement of hell).  And after all of that, I had a phone conversation/quasi-interview about another job opportunity.  And let me tell you, switching over to professional mode after dragging your kids all over God’s green acre all day is not easy. But I did it. I may not be supermom, but I have my moments.

While in walmart, we shopped for valentine candy. And in the aisle next to the valentine candy was… Easter candy!  Stores are no longer waiting for one holiday to commence before they are looking forward to the next.  So after I shook my head and told my kids “this is what is wrong with our society,” I threw a couple of bags of Cadbury mini eggs into my cart because I am totally addicted to the damn things.  I am sure I will eat my weight in them between now and Easter.

The Walking Dead premiere Sunday was AWESOME. I can’t tell you how much I love that show.  The episode was hauntingly beautiful and artistic.

Being home sick Monday and Tuesday, I watched more TV than I care to admit.  It was extremely boring but I didn’t have the energy to do anything else.  I’m just going to say that there is a LOT of crap on TV and leave it at that.  And daytime TV is a wasteland.

I started growing my hair out three and a half years ago. It was really short and very layered in the back.  It now comes down to my mid-back.  As of my trim today, the last of the layers are gone and my hair is all one length again!  Ladies, you know what an accomplishment this is. Growing out layers is brutal.

My daughter turns 11 in just over a week and I am not at all prepared for her birthday.  My birthday is just 9 days after hers.  And I’m really not prepared for that!

Enjoy your Friday, everyone! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend!


3 thoughts on “Casual Fridays 2/13/15

  1. Very interesting and quick reading. I joined your Casual Friday bandwagon today with my own post. It’s fun. I hope your whole family has recovered from your illness. And continued good luck with your job search.

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